The Brief
The owners of the barn had lived there for many years without even a proper path to the front door, and the garden was simply 4 acres of fields. When their daughter announced that she would love to have a marquee for her wedding in the grounds of the property a matter of months later, the race was on to design and implement a garden to harmonise with the natural landscape, and have plenty of colour guaranteed in time for the September wedding.

The brief included a wildlife pond and a large deck overhanging the pond edges.

The New Design
The front of the property which faces west to open fields was a lovely spot to enjoy the evening sun. Here the new wildlife pond can be enjoyed from the overhanging deck. A pebble beach slopes into the pond allowing wildlife and birds to bath and drink. Together with a small selection of trees and shrubs, many grasses and taller perennials were used to mimic the movement in the fields of natural grasses linking the ornamental garden with its natural surroundings. See More Larger Gardens

Just one year after completion, the finished garden featured in Countryside Magazine.

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A small brick patio with trellis behind, provides some much needed shade
mid day.

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A gravel path leads to a bridge over the pond .

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The view from behind the trellis.A view not seen from the house..

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The view as you enter the garden.

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