Every back garden we have ever measured is a different shape and size, just as every client’s wish list is different to the next. Listening carefully to a brief, and looking together with clients at photographs of garden style, our job is then to create an interesting space which meets ALL of their practical needs. This often includes patio, other smaller seating areas, space for shed, washing line, compost, water feature or pond, trampoline, firepit or even a canoe bench. As many as possible of their other “wishes”, will also be incorporated, though not always all, since often less if more. Many clients have lived with a garden for several years in its current state, and cannot see what else to do with it. That is why they call in a garden designer. With fresh eyes and many years of experience, what you may consider a boring space can be transformed into something special which will give many years of pleasure. Front Gardens Larger Gardens

Split level garden.

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A very square plot transformed by curves.

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A blank canvas of a builders plot transformed.

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A tiny new plot, with a low maintenance priority.

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Partial redesign of family garden. 2nd Prize in Wokingham Best Back Garden.

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50′ square back garden featured in 25 Beautiful Gardens Magazine.

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Lawn or No lawn?

Many clients, especially those with smaller gardens, do not want the trouble of looking after a lawn, which of course is very demanding in terms of regular maintenance. Unless tended regularly throughout the growing season, a poorly managed lawn can badly let down the remainder of the garden.
With no lawn however, the design has to be carefully put together to introduce textures and shapes of hard landscaping to give the garden interesting structure especially in the depth of winter. Inclusion of evergreen plants will also help to “green up” the space which otherwise can look very hard and uninviting in the absence of lawn, but no so many evergreens that the garden will look the same all year round.

A curved deck with brick edges leads into a simple path of stepping stone through gravel with planting, leading to a bench seat.

No lawn garden 2
No lawn garden 3

A brick pathway leads the way through gravel with the same brick used for a raised bed and a plinth for a lovely piece of sculpture.

Upright Iris spears contrast with flat headed Achillea in this gravel garden.

No lawn garden 4

A decked walkway through planting gives this “Japanese inspired” garden an unusual look.

Indian Sandstone paving in “heather” colour extends into a curved brick pathway leading to an attractive seat.


Water Features

Such a personal choice and difficult to judge what clients will like. There are thousands of free standing styles available to suit everyone’s taste, that simply need a sump and a pump to run them. We do however also build unique designs to fit the clients brief especially if a pond is on their wish list. Here are just a few examples.

A piece of drainage pipe makes a wonderful waterfall here emerging from below the deck.

water feature with deck small file
Wave water feature small file

A 6 feet tall stainless steel curved water feature works in this contemporary garden

A newly constructed pond with natural slate edges, and upper pool providing a waterfall.


A simple drilled rock sitting on gravel, where the sump and pump are hidden below.

A contemporary pool of brick and natural blue slate paving with upper with and lower pools

Waterfall 2 small file