Design brief and budget.

At our initial meeting, Anne will discuss your design brief and also your budget. From her many years of experience, she can then offer advice as to whether your budget is realistic.

Portfolio of Designs and Customer Testimonials.

Anne will be delighted to show you examples of 1/50, and 1/100 scale layout designs similar in size to your own garden so that you understand what to expect from your own project. Originals of testimonials are also available to view as part of our portfolio.


Cost of Preparing a Layout Plan

This will naturally depend on the size of your garden, and will be advised at our initial meeting. As a guide for an average size garden, the cost is normally £375. If you require a redesigning both back and front gardens together, and assuming the front garden is normally smaller, a discount will apply from the above cost for the second plan.

Measuring The Plot

Only when YOU are happy that Acorn Garden Services are the right choice for your project would we move to the next stage, which is measuring the plot. Many clients are happy for this to happen at the same initial meeting, whilst others prefer to discuss their thoughts in private before inviting us back at a later date. At this point we would ask for a 50% deposit of the cost of the plan. The balance is due upon production of the plan, and any changes are free of charge. This is seldom necessary however, as a good deal of time is spent initially discussing your brief, and clients are generally delighted with their first layout plan.

All boundaries, trees, large shrubs as well as any garden buildings or structures which have to stay and work within the new design will be plotted and accurately represented on the new layout plan.

Planning an extension or conservatory?

Often we are asked to redesign a site as a result of a client adding an extension or conservatory to the back of the property. The new garden layout can be planned ahead before the extension is built, allowing us to follow on as soon as possible after the builder, however scaled drawings clearly showing where all doors and windows will be on the new extension must be available at the planning stage.

Garden Style?

To ensure that we are in agreement as to the sort of style of garden you prefer, we ask you to select a number of pictures from a collection of many different garden styles. This has proven to be an extremely useful exercise since many of our clients do not really know what they want until they identify it in a picture.

Detailed Brief

The key to a successful garden is how it works for the owners, and everyone has different needs. As part of the brief therefore, it is important to discuss practicalities such as dustbins, washing lines, shed, lawnmower access, compost areas etc as well as patio size (for 2 or 8?) and whether secondary seating areas are to be included. Do you have a yearning for a pond, or a water feature and how much time you are prepared to spend maintaining the planting? Maybe you will employ a gardener to look after it for you. Do not worry about how you see the new design as often when a client has lived with a space for a long time it is difficult to imagine anything different. Our job is to be creative with the design, whilst incorporating all your practical needs. Also at this stage do not think about what plants will be used. The planting plan is for much further down the line. Most clients are happy that with our horticultural knowledge, they leave the planting choice to us, although we are always happy to incorporate some favourites if appropriate to your soil and aspect.

Turnaround of Plan

We are normally able to produce the layout plan within 3 weeks of our initial meeting.